Canvas Prints - Stretched or Framed?

Canvas Prints have the flexibilty of an original piece of art when deciding how to display them on your wall. Below are some examples of our canvas prints presented in a variety of ways


The giclée canvas prints above are stretched on thicker "gallery stretcher bars". These are approximately 2# thick and the recommended bars to use if you are planning to bypass the frame. the bars are substantial and create a really clean, modern look without feeling like the art is missing something. 

The above giclée prints are dry mounted and then framed traditionally. Canvas prints are coated with a clear protective sheet so you don't need to use glass - which helps give the looks of an original piece of artwork.


Both looks are great, but depending on location, size and taste, one method might be better for you. We are happy to help you decide and the best part is that you can always pop a canvas print into a frame at a later date so those of you who are afraid of art commitment - fear not.